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  Expecting your first child? Transferring from another state?  Looking for a change? 

If you have specific questions about Pediatric Center, we invite you to call our office, at (281) 341-9696. We will be happy to listen to your concerns and set you up with the right pediatrician for your family.  We also have a great network of sub-specialists that we know and highly respect. Feel free to visit our practice to see for yourself why we are special.   

  • We encourage our patients to schedule appointments prior to arriving to the office for care.  When patients call ahead for an appointment, it allows us time to better prepare for them.  Forms can be completed, insurance coverage can be verified, and the visit will go more smoothly.  Scheduled appointments allow everyone to respect their own precious time as well as the time of others.
  • We pride ourselves in our policy to make every possible effort to see our sick patients on the same day that they call.  We will care for them as quickly as possible.  We are proud of this commitment to our patients.
  • If our sick patients walk in without an appointment, we will be happy to see them.  If time allows for a well appointment, it can be done, however we may have to ask you to come back at another time depending on what the schedule allows.

Download Forms and call us for an appointment
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